Icon of The Akhtyrskaya Mother of God.
An icon of The Mother of God of the Burning Bush.
Wooden panel back of a Russian Icon.
18th century icon of the Akhtyrskaya Mother of God before restoration.

The Akhtyrskaya Mother of God

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reference number: RI_170

18th century

tempera on wooden panel in silver-gilt oklad

31.5 x 26 cm


maker’s mark: Cyrillic initials A.I. of Alexey Ivanov

assay mark of Moscow, 1760

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

The icon of the Mother of God Akhtyrskaya (Mother of God of Akhtyr) shows the Theotokos contemplating the crucifixion of Her Divine Son. Her head is adorned with a crown, and her hands are folded in prayer. The lower border bears the inscription: “the true representation and measure of the Akhtyrskaya icon of the Mother of God, which appeared in the year 1739, the month of July, the 2nd day.” In the middle of the inscription is a medallion with the Imperial double-headed eagle.

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