Fabergé Silver Table Bell

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reference number: FB_061

Moscow, 1899-1908


height: 16 cm

maker’s mark: Imperial Warrant mark of Fabergé

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials I.L. of Ivan Lebedkin

assay mark of Moscow, 1899-1908

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

A silver table bell, a realistically cast and chased miniature replica of the Tsar Bell in the Moscow Kremlin. Its surface shows all the details of the original Tsar Bell from the Kremlin including the part that cracked and fell off. Tsarina Anna appears on one side, her dress is overstamped with a Russian double-headed eagle. The upper part of the bell contains two oval icons of Christ surrounded with seraphs.


The Tsar Bell (Tsar Kolokol) was cast by Matorin of Moscow in 1735 at the command of Tsarina Anna. A piece broke off in a fire in 1737 and the bell lay embedded in the ground for a century before the architect Montferrand succeeded in raising it to its present position in front of the Ivan Veliki belltower. It is the largest bell in the world, measuring 5.60 meters in height, weighs 200 tons and is 56 cm thick at the base. The bell has been the object of innumerable miniature replicas in bronze and silver.

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