Fabergé Silver Table Lighter Modelled as a Samovar

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reference number: FB_062

St Petersburg, circa 1890

silver, ebony

height: 19.5 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic

workmaster’s mark: initials I.P. for Julius Rappoport

assay mark of St. Petersburg, before 1899

silver standard: 88 zolotnik

Fabergé scratched inventory no. 441


Fabergé, Rome, Museo del Corso, 30 October 2003 – 18 January 2004


G. von Habsburg, Fabergé, Rome, 2003, p. 65


A silver table lighter shaped as a miniature Russian samovar with turned ebony handles; marked on the base.


Table lighters shaped as samovars were a speciality of Fabergé. Several smaller examples in gold by Wigström have survived (see G. von Habsburg & M. Lopato, Fabergé Imperial Jeweler, 1993, no. 163).


Julius Alexandrovitch Rappoport (1851-1917), originally Isak Abramovich, was one of Fabergé’s rare craftsmen of Jewish origin. Apprenticed in Berlin, he opened his first workshop in St Petersburg in 1883 but then moved to Moscow to work for the Fabergé firm. While best known for his naturalistic animal figures, Rappoport also executed special commissions for the Imperial family and the Imperial Cabinet. His workshop was taken over by the First Silver Artel around 1909.

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