Russian Silver Cigarette Case

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reference number: FB_085

1908 – 1917

silver, sapphire

length: 9.4 cm
maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic
workmaster’s mark: Cyrillic initials A.H. for August Hollming

silver standard: 88 zolotnik

A hinged silver cigarette case of rounded rectangular shape with reeded decoration and a match compartment mounted with a strike plate. The thumbpiece set with a cabochon sapphire fitted into the lid. The gilt interior stamped on both sides Fabergé, 88 – Russian silver standard, and the initials of the workmaster – August Hollming.


August Frederik Hollming (1854-1913) was a Russian jeweller, silver- and goldsmith of Finnish descent. He started working for Fabergé in the 1880s, and was one of the firm’s leading goldsmiths and jewellers. He produced a great number of finely crafted gold and enamelled cigarette cases and small jewellery objects. For his biography see Fabergé, Imperial Craftsman and his World, Wilmington 2000, p. 255. A selection of his objects is listed and illustrated in the abovementioned catalogue, cat. 630-662 and in Fabergé/Cartier, Rivalen am Zarenhof, Munich 2003, cat. 219-230.

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