We have just published a book The Cursed Years, Revolution in Russia through the Eyes of the Artist Ivan Vladimirov. 350 page hard cover book features well over one hundred images portraying brutal years of the civil war, it shows pictures hitherto unseen by the public. The book is replete with quotes by the Russian intellectuals who did not accept the revolution as well as those who perpetrated massive violence against the Russian people in the attempt to change the world. Ivan Vladimirov was an eye witness to the unfolding events, his poignant works catalogue callous murder, famine, destruction of religion, attacks on peasants and much more.

The book is based on the collections of the Hoover Institution in California, The West Branch Presidential Library, The Brown University of Rhode Island, The Museum of Political History in Moscow, The Museum of Political History in St.Petersburg and two private collections of Vladimir Ruga and Andre Ruzhnikov. Sotheby’s London has also assisted in providing a picture.

The first publication is in Russian, we hope to produce the English version of the book by the end of 2019.

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