Russian Silver-Gilt and Enamel Serving Spoon and Cup Presentation Set

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Silver-gilt, enamel
Maker’s mark on the cup: Cyrillic initials M.F. of Fedor Mishukov
Maker’s mark on the spoon: Cyrillic initials D.I. of an unidentified master
Assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials Ya.L. of Yakov Lyapunov
Assay mark of Moscow, 1899-1908
84 zolotnik
Swan-shaped French import mark

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Silver-gilt and shaded cloisonné enamel presentation set comprising a serving spoon and cup contained in the original fitted wooden box. The spoon with an en plein enamel view of the statue of Pushkin in Moscow, the spoon’s border and the cup are decorated with pastel-colored flowers and green foliage on cream ground.

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