Bronze Bust of Nicholas II

Léopold Bernstamm
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height: 48 cm

inscribed L. BERNSTAMM, 1897

A bronze portrait bust of Nicholas II after the model by Léopold Bernstamm. For a version in porcelain see PG_040 Biscuit Porcelain Busts of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna


A French sculptor of Russian origin, Léopold Bernstamm was born in Riga, trained at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg. Following his graduation from the Academy in 1874, he made a journey to Italy to study ancient Roman and Renaissance sculpture and then apprenticed Jean Antonin Mercié’s studio in Paris.


During his career, he created a series of portrait busts and figures in bronze and marble. The most important commissions came from the Russian Imperial family: Bernstamm created several portraits of Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna.

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