35th Infantry Division Military Plate

Imperial Porcelain Factory
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after Karl Piratsky (1813-1889)

reference number: IP_008

1872, period of Alexander II (1856-1881)


diameter: 25 cm

marked on the reverse slightly off centre with a green crowned cypher of Alexander II and  another blue crowned cypher of Alexander II in the very centre, 72


A circular porcelain military plate, the cavetto painted with troops of the 35th Infantry Division by A.Morozov after a painting by Karl Piratsky within a gilt border, the rim decorated with a gilt ciselé laurel and oak leaf wreath on a mauve ground, the top of the plate decorated with a Russian double-headed eagle within a yellow reserve. The reverse inscribed in Russian: 35-я Пехотная Дивизия / С карт. Пиратского А.Морозов / 72 (35th Infantry Division /  After a painting by Piratsky by A.Morozov / 72).

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