The Archangel Michael and St Barbara

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reference number: RI_038


tempera on wooden panel in silver-gilt oklad

31 x 23.4 cm


workmaster’s mark: Cyrillic initials E.P. of unidentified master

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials M.K. of Mikhail Karpinsky

assay mark of St Petersburg, 1826

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

Painted in the Western style, the icon depicts the Archangel Michael and St Barbara. The New Testament Trinity occupies the upper part of the composition, surrounded by clouds. The Archangel is helmeted and carries an orb in one hand and a red-bladed sword in the other; St.Barbara holds a parchment in her left hand and stands upon a sword with her right foot. The icon is encased in a high relief silver-gilt oklad with haloes decorated with sunray pattern. The attire of both figures is embellished with applied silver filigree work ornamented with beading. The border adorned with a foliate pattern.

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