Easter Egg with the Resurrection of Christ

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reference number: RI_002

late 19th century

papier-mâché, lacquer

height: 15.8 cm

A papier-mâché and lacquer Easter egg finely painted over a red background: the front side shows a scene of the Anastasis, on the reverse is a view of Christ the Saviour the Cathedral within an oval reserve; the interior bears an Old Believers inscription and Imperial double-headed eagles – the sign of the firm’s elevated status. A lacquer egg of a similar design was sold at Sotheby’s New York on 16 April 2007 (Sale 8302, lot 157, price realised $7,800).


The egg was created by the Lukutin Factory. By the 1820s, the firm became the main producer of painted lacquer objects in Russia. The wide range of its production included desk accessories, tea caddies, snuff and match boxes, Easter eggs, very popular among wealthy customers. Lukutin was an official Purveyor to the Russia imperial family until the firm’s closure in 1904. The firm eventually reopened taking the name after its locality – the village of Fedoskino.

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