Christ Pantocrator

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reference number: RI_080

circa 1900

tempera on wooden panel in silver-gilt and enamel oklad

31 x 27 cm


maker’s mark: Cyrillic initials S.Zh. of Sergei Zharov

assay mark of Moscow, 1908–1917

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

Christ Pantocrator (Almighty in Greek) is depicted in a frontal pose, bust-length, with a book of Gospels in his left hand, and his right hand raised in benediction. The image is painted in the traditional manner, with dark, muted colours, emulating the style of the Moscow school of the 15th and 16th century, particularly popular among Old Believers. The panel is encased in an opulent silver-gilt oklad, chased and repoussé with a foliate design. The halo and corners pieces enamelled with varicoloured shaded flowers and scrolling. The halo is inscribed with three Greek letters: Ѿ О Н (He who is) – a reference to Christ’s divinity.




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