Scottish Silver Sculpture of a Stag

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reference number: ES_007



height: 71 cm; length: 51 cm; weight: 8400 gr.

maker’s / retailer’s mark: T. S. & S of Thomas Smith & Sons

assay mark of Edinburgh, 1897

the base inscribed by the sculptor: W. G. Stevenson R.S.A S.C

Realistically modeled, and superbly executed silver model of a twelve pointed Royal Stag, designed by Scottish sculptor and painter William Grant Stevenson ARSA, RSA (1868-1916).


A member of the Royal Scottish Academy, with whom he was a regular exhibitor Stevenson is most famous for his colossal bronze figures of William Wallace, now in Union Terrace, Aberdeen, and Robert Burns, the centrepiece of the Burns Monument in Kilmarnock. Besides his larger works Stevenson executed many small figures in silver and his Diploma work for the Royal Scottish Academy was a famous stag (exhibited in 1894).

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