English Silver Trophy

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reference number: ES_005



height: 51 cm

length: 61 cm

weight: 7,650 gr

assay mark of Birmingham, 1896

base inscribed: ARCTIC PRINCE / Derby 1951 / To Willie Stephenson from Joe McGrath, To commemorate a good job well done


Joseph McGrath (1887-1966)

William Stephenson (1911-1988), presented in 1951


Realistically cast silver model of a racehorse. After Epsom Derby of 1951, the model was presented to William ‘Willie’ Stephenson, the trainer of the Arctic Prince – the winner of the race – by the horse’s owner Joseph McGrath, Irish politician and businessman. The competition, with its total prize of about £22,000 (equivalent of over £1,000,000 in today’s money), is still known as the most valuable race ever run in England.


Arctic Prince’s brief racing career lasted less than a year, from 1950 to 1951, and consisted of only five races. The horse won two races including the 1951 Epsom Derby and was retired after breaking down at Ascot in July of the same year.

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