Russian Imperial Silver Trophy

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reference number: RS_011



height: 35.6 cm

maker’s mark: Cyrillic initials illegible

assay master: Cyrillic initials A.Sh. for an unidentified master

assay mark of Odessa, 1843

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

A large silver Imperial presentation racing trophy jug, chased on one side with an equestrian scene, and with the crowned Imperial coat-of-arms and Russian Orthodox cross on the other; the body is profusely chased with Neo-Rococo scrolls, flowers, and shells. The double scroll handle has a finial shaped as a figure of a horse issuing from a flower calyx.


A vase with an identical equestrian scene made by A. Lordon can be found in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (see Treasure Storeroom of the Russian Museum. Commemorating 100 years of the Museum 1898-1998, St. Petersburg, 1998, no., 191, ill. 178). Another vase also by Lordon has an identical handle (op. cit., fig. 172, cat. 203). These were made in Odessa respectively in 1838 and 1843.

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