Portrait of Vsevolod Puschin
Portrait of Vsevolod Puschin

Portrait of Vsevolod Puschin

Unknown Artist1830
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reference number: RP_024

circa 1840

oil on canvas

81 x 66 cm

Pair of Portraits of Vsevolod Pavlovitch Puschin (1803-1877) and his Wife Née Natalia Nikolaevna Norova (1824-1883)


Vsevolod Puschin, Colonel of Life-Guard His Imperial Majesty’s Cuirassier Regiment, participated in the Polish campaign of 1830-1831. He was awarded orders of St.Stanislaus II class, St.Vladimir 4th class, St.Anna 3rd class and a badge for 15-year exemplary service. V.Puschin was later promoted to Major-General.


The portraits are contained within original oval gilt plaster frames. V.Puschin’s portrait is mounted with a rectangular brass plaque inscribed in cursive Cyrillic Vsevolod Pavlovitch Puschin.

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