Fabergé Imperial Presentation Charka

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reference number: FB_034

St Petersburg, 1899-1903

silver, moonstones, garnets

height: 10 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic

workmaster’s mark: Cyrillic initials M.P. for Mikhail Perkhin

silver standard: 88 zolotniks

Presented by Tsar Nicholas II to Gustave Lannes, Count of Montebello (1838-1907), the French ambassador to Russia

Thence by descent


Imperial presentation silver charka of tapering bulbous shape, raised on circular foot, the sides repoussé with cartouches containing crowned double-headed eagles and ciphers of Nicholas II, surrounded by stylised scrollwork; the top borders set with alternating cabochon moonstones and garnets; the cartouche-shaped falt handle similarly chased and repoussé with a double-headed eagle and set with moonstones and garnet; marked under the base and under the handle.


Gustave Lannes, Count of Montebello (1838-1907) – French diplomat, French ambassador to Russia in 1891–1902.




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