Russian Silver-Gilt & Enamel Cigarette Case

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reference number: RE_028


silver-gilt, enamel

length: 10.2 cm

maker’s mark: Imperial Warrant mark of Pavel Ovchinnikov

assay’s mark: Cyrillic initials of Lev Oleks

assay mark of Moscow, 1896

silver standard: 84 zolotnik


Silver-gilt and shaded cloisonné enamel cigarette case decorated with birds, a butterfly, and large pink and white wild roses on a stippled gilt ground, within pale, dark-blue and white borders. The interior engraved with Cyrillic monogram ‘ZV’ and inscribed in Russian with ‘Souvenir of 1898‘ and numerous facsimile signatures.


Ovchinnikov, alongside with Fabergé, was one of the most important silver and goldsmiths of the nineteenth century Russia. The firm’s production was highly praised by many other European royal courts. Ovchinnikov was appointed the official purveyor to Tsar Alexander III, the Imperial Russian Court, King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, Grand Duke Mikhail Nicholayevich and King Christian IX of Denmark. The firm’s work was featured in numerous exhibitions around the world and received several prestigious awards.

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