Russian Imperial Tankard

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reference number: FB_024

circa 1900


height: 32.5 cm

maker’s mark: Imperial Warrant of K. Fabergé

workmaster’s mark: Latin initials S.W. of Stephan Wäkewä

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initial Ya.L. of Yakov Lyapunov

assay mark of St. Petersburg, 1899-1908

silver standard: 84 zolotnik



Fabergé, Museo Del Corso, Rome, 30 October 2003 – 18 January 2004


G. von Habsburg, Fabergé, Rome, 2003, p. 74


Large tapering cylindrical tankard with loop handle and spreading circular base; the body is chased with acanthus foliage and strapwork, inset with coins representing busts of Russian emperors Peter the Great, Peter II, Anna Ioannovna, Elisabeth and Catherine II; cover with gadrooned rim and pomegranate finial. Inscribed in French: ‘Offert à l’ Amiral Germinet/par S.M. Nicolas II Empereur de Russie/ Mai 1902‘. The tankard was presented to Admiral Germinet on the occasion of his promotion. The gift was a demonstration of the Russian Emperor’s gratitude towards the French officer for having been instrumental in building the Franco-Russian alliance.


Admiral Paul Louis Germinet (1846-1914) – French naval officer, the commander of the French Mediterranean squadron, veteran of the Mexican (December 1861 – June 1867) and Franco-Prussian (July 1870 – May 1871) wars, Grand Officier of the Légion d’Honneur.


Germinet commanded the cruiser Pothuau when, during the visit of French president Felix Faure to Kronstadt and St.Petersburg, the Franco-Russian alliance was proclaimed aboard this vessel. The alliance, along with the Anglo-Russian Entente and the Entente Cordiale formed the so-called Triple Entente between the United Kingdom, France, and Russia, forming a crucial step towards World War I.

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