The back of a Russian gold, nephrite and enamel desk clock.

Russian Silver and Nephrite Desk Clock

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reference number: FB_077

circa 1910

silver, nephrite, enamel

height: 12.8 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé

workmaster’s mark: Initial H.W. of Henrik Wigström

assay mark of St.Petersburg, 1908-1917

silver standard: 88 zolotnik

Fabergé scratched inventory number: 22437

Silver-mounted nephrite desk clock with arched top standing on a rectangular base, decorated with a foliate silver band, centred by an opaque white enamel dial with Arabic chapters set with a laurel wreath bezel.


Henrik Immanuel Wigström (1862-1923) was Faberge’s head work-master between 1903 and 1917, having joined the firm at the age of 22 in 1884 as an assistant to Michael Perchin. His workshop was responsible for most of the firm’s later Easter eggs, as well as a large quantity of superbly crafted enamel, gold and silver objects of art and small jewels.

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