Russian Silver-Gilt & Niello Liturgical Plates

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reference number: RS_031

second half of the XIX century

diameters: 17.7 cm and 16.3 cm

maker’s mark: Cyrillic D.Sh. of Dmitri Shelaputin

workmaster’s mark: Cyrillic V.P. of unidentified master

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials V.S. of Viktor Savinkov

assay mark of Moscow, 1855-1888

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

Pair of nielloed parcel-gilt silver liturgical plates, the centres decorated and inscribed with the scenes of the Resurrection and the Annunciation. Each cavetto bears three liturgical inscriptions in Old Slavonic within cartouches, surrounded by scrolls and alternating with Seraphs.


Dmitry Maksimovich Shelaputin – Russian 19th-century silversmith. Founded a workshop in 1870 known until 1914.

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