Russian Silver-Gilt and Enamel Cigarette Case

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reference number: RE_037


silver, enamel

length: 9.1 cm

maker’s mark: Ivan Khlebnikov with Imperial Warrant

assay’s mark: Cyrillic initials A.A. for Anatoly Artsibashev

assay mark of Moscow, before 1899

silver standard: 88 zolotnik

A silver-gilt cigarette case with rounded corners, both sides decorated with translucent plique-à-jour enamel with stylised foliate and floral design and circular medallions in the middle, surrounded by four smaller circles at right degree angles. Along the border is a band of turquoise enamel beading.


Khlebnikov, an Imperial Russian jewellery firm, was founded circa 1865 by Ivan Khlebnikov (1819-1881) in St.Petersburg but transferred to Moscow in 1871. The firm was famous for producing silver items of originality and exceptional quality decorated in the traditional Russian style. The firm produced silverware for Imperial palaces in Gatchina and St.Petersburg (1870’s). The firm gained international acclaim receiving numerous awards at Russian and world art fairs. In 1879, Khlebnikov became the official purveyor to the Imperial court of Russia.

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