Russian Silver-Gilt and Enamel Bowl

Maria Semyonova
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reference number: RE_015

circa 1900s

silver-gilt, enamel

height: 5 cm; diameter: 10 cm

maker’s mark: indistinct, possibly Maria Semyonova

assay master’s mark: indistinct, probably Cyrillic I.L. for Ivan Lebedkin

assay’s mark of Moscow, between 1899-1908

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

A squat circular bowl with lobed sides and gilt interior, narrow ropework borders, the sides with shaded polychrome enamel stylised flowers and foliage on a turquoise ground with drop-shaped panels of flowers on alternate mint-green and flesh-pink grounds.


Maria Semyonova (active 1896-1917) – an important Russian silversmith and enameller. A daughter of a well-known silversmith Vasili Semyonov, Maria took over the family business after his death. Under her supervision, the firm became famous for its high-quality enamels in the Neo-Russian style. 

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