Russian Silver-Gilt Cutlery Set

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reference number: FB_030

circa 1910s

silver, silver-gilt, steel

maker’s mark: K. Fabergé in Cyrillic with the Imperial Warrant

assay’s mark: Cyrillic initials I.L. for Ivan Lebedkin

assay mark of Moscow, 1908-1917

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

contained in original fitted case

A silver and silver-gilt flatware set in Louis XVI-style with ribbon-tied reeded stem, comprised of 120 pieces. The end of the spoon with the ribbon-tied rim. Each piece is incised with a coat of arms (shield with three lilies and a deer, surmounted by a military helmet with flags and a deer above).


The set comprises:

12 dinner spoons – 22.5 cm

12 dinner forks – 22.5 cm

12 dinner knives

12 salad knives

12 salad forks

12 tea spoons

12 demitasse spoons – 11.5 cm

12 silver-gilt dessert spoons

12 silver-gilt dessert forks

12 silver-gilt dessert knives


The set contained in a large original oak fitted hinged case with a lock, lined with cream-coloured suede. Inside the lid is stamped with a black double-headed eagle and a text ‘K. Fabergé, Moscow, S. Petersburg, Odessa’. Large pieces are stamped in full K. Fabergé with the Imperial Warrant. Smaller items are marked with the initials KF.

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