English Silver Table Centrepiece

John Mortimer & John Samuel Hunt
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reference number: ES_023



height: 97.2 cm; weight: 20 kg

maker’s mark: IM over ISH crowned of John Mortimer & John Samuel Hunt

city assay mark: leopard’s head in a shield for London

date letter ‘i’ for 1840

The centrepiece was commissioned for Charles Noel, 2nd Baron Barham (1781–1866) and his third wife Arabella Hamlyn-Williams (c. 1793–1829). It bears the coat of arms of Middleton impaling Williams quartering Hamlyn beneath baron’s coronet with the Noel family motto ‘Tout Bien ou Rien (All Good or Nothing)’ on the banderole around the base.


An early Victorian nine-light table candelabrum-centrepiece. The shaped circular base on four acanthus and shell scroll feet chased and embossed with acanthus leaves and three crowned shields each emblazoned with a coat-of-arms and supported by a pair of eagles. Atop the base are four cast stags. The baluster stem chased with acanthus foliage terminates in two tiers of foliate branches with sockets, waxpans and detachable nozzles. The finial formed as an eagle perched on a tree. The piece is accompanied by an alternative central bowl with an openwork acorn and oak-leaf rim. Marked on the base, coats-of-arms, coronets, deer, branch sockets, waxpans, sockets, detachable nozzles, finial and bowl rim.

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