Russian Silver Imperial Plates

Nicholls & Plinke
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reference number: RS_013



maker’s initials: Latin N&P of Nichols and Plinke

workmaster’s mark: Latin initials H.A.L. of Henrik August Lang

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials D.T. of Dmitry Tverskoy

assay mark of St.Petersburg, 1840

silver standard: 84 zolotnik

The plates have shaped moulded borders with foliate decoration, engraved with a double-headed eagle to one side and crowned monogram ON on the opposite.


The service was made for Grand Duchess Olga Nicholayevna, daughter of Tsar Nicholas I, on the occasion of her wedding to Crown Prince Karl of Wurttemberg, later King of Wurttemberg.


Charles (Constantin) Nicholls and William Plincke – owners of a large firm of silversmiths in St.Petersburg, active between 1829 and 1898. Throughout 1840–70’s Nicholls & Plinke were main supplier of silverware to the Russian Imperial court. They collaborated with many British workshops and such local masters as Carl Tegelsten, Samuel Arndt, Henrik August Lang and Emil Friedrich Henrichsen.

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