Life-Guard Pavlovsky Regiment Military Plate

Imperial Porcelain Factory
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after Karl Piratsky (1813-1889)

reference number: IP_022

1870s, period of Alexander II (1856-1881)


diameter: 25 cm

marked on the reverse slightly off centre with a green crowned cypher of Alexander II

A circular porcelain military plate, the cavetto painted with troops of the Life-Guard Pavlovsky Regiment by V.Midin after a painting by Karl Piratsky, within a gilt border, the rim decorated with a gilt ciselé laurel and oak leaf wreath on a mauve ground, the top of the plate decorated with a Russian double-headed eagle within a yellow reserve. The reverse inscribed in Italics in Russian: Л.Гв. Павловский полк / С карт. Пиратского Вас.Мидинъ (Life-Guard Pavlovsky Regiment / After a painting by Piratsky Vas.Midin).


The original painting by Piratsky belongs to the series of watercolours “Changes in the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Imperial Army during the Reign of Alexander Nicholayevich”, the supplement to the famous work by the military historian Alexander Viskovatov “Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army”. The project was started by Piratsky, and upon his demise continued by Pyotr Balashov (1853-1888).

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