Infantry and Artillery Divisions Porcelain Military Plate

Imperial Porcelain Factory
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after Adolf Charlemagne (1826-1901)

reference number: IP_035

1887, period of Alexander III (1881-1894)


diameter: 25 cm

marked on the reverse slightly off centre with a green crowned cypher of Alexander II; 1887

A circular porcelain military plate, the cavetto painted with troops of the 37th Infantry Division with Artillery, 145th Infantry Novocherkassky His Imperial Highness Heir Apparent Tsarevich Regiment, 146th Infantry Tsaritsyn Regiment, 147th Infantry Samarsky Regiment, 148th Infantry Caspiisky Regiment, 37th Artillery Brigade by Vasily Midin after a painting by Charlemagne within a gilt border, the rim decorated with a gilt embossed laurel and oak leaf wreath on a polished gold ground, the top of the plate decorated with a Russian double-headed eagle. The reverse inscribed in Italics in Russian: 37-я Пехотная Дивизия с Артиллерией / 145-й Пехотный Новочеркасский Е. Наследника Цесаревича полк / 146-й Пехотный Царицынский полк / 147-й Пехотный Самарский полк / 148-й Пехотный Каспийский полк / 37-я Артиллерийская Бригада / с карт: Шарлемань Вас.Мидин / 1887 (37th Infantry Division with Artillery / 145th Infantry Novocherkassky His Imperial Highness Heir Apparent Tsarevich Regiment / 146th Infantry Tsaritsyn Regiment / 147th Infantry Samarsky Regiment / 148th Infantry Caspiisky Regiment / 37th Artillery Brigade / After a painting by Charlemagne by Vasily Midin / 1887).

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