Russian Silver Cigar Set

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reference number: FB_071



size of ashtrays: length – 12.7 cm, width – 6.5 cm, height – 2.8 cm; size of tray: length –23.7 cm, width – 14.7 cm, height – 3.5 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic beneath the Imperial warrant

workmaster’s mark: initials I.P. for Julius Rappoport

assay master’s mark: Cyrillic initials Ya.L. for Yakov Lyapunov

silver standard: 88 zolotniks

A silver set consisting of 7 pieces including 6 rectangular identical ashtrays and 1 tray for cigars.

All pieces are similarly decorated with beading and garlands mounted on animal feet. Tray is divided into two sections.

All 7 pieces are contained in the original fitted hinged hollywood cases with beige velvet and satin. All are stamped on the back of the lid in Cyrillic with ФАБЕРЖЕ, Сть Петербургь, Москва, Одесса.

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