Russian Gold and Enamel Desk Clock

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reference number: FB_057

circa 1910

gold, silver, enamel, ivory

height: 11.7 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé

workmaster’s mark: initial H.W. of Henrik Wigström

assay mark of St.Petersburg, 1908-1917

gold standard:  56 zolotnik; silver standard: 88 zolotnik

Fabergé scratched inventory number 3?0949

1913 London import mark

Rectangular gold and silver strut desk clock with ivory backing; enamelled in translucent red over sunburst guilloché background; border with acanthus frieze; surmounted by ribbon cresting and decorated with suspending four-colour gold floral festoons; the projecting corners are applied with gold rosettes. The circular dial with pale pink translucent enamel over sunburst guilloché background with burgundy red Roman numerals and entwining laurel; the centre of the dial inscribed Fabergé in cursive; ribbon-tied bezel with opaque white enamel.

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