Fabergé Enamelled Silver-Mounted Karelian Birch Frame

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reference number: FB_136

St Petersburg, 1899-1908

silver, enamel, wood

height: 16.6 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic

workmaster’s mark: initials A.N. for Anders Nevalainen

silver standard: 88 zolotnik

Fabergé scratched inventory number 14132


Wartski, London


G. C. Munn, Wartski: First Hundred and Fifty Years, London, 2015, illustrated p. 158

U. Tillander-Godenhielm, Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans, London, 2018, illustrated in colour p. 181


A rare Karelian birch silver-mounted frame with a rectangular aperture in a reeded silver bezel tied with gilded red ribbons, containing an original photograph of the Tsarevitch Alexei Nikolaevitch, surmounted by a panel enamelled in scarlet over a moiré guilloché ground and applied with chased silver-gilt festoons, mounted below the aperture with silver bellflower and rose motifs gilded green and red; contained in Wartski fitted case.

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