Fabergé Gold, Silver-Gilt and Enamel Circular Desk Clock

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reference number: FB_117

St Petersburg, 1899-1903

gold, silver-gilt, enamel, pearls

diameter: 10.7 cm

maker’s mark: Fabergé in Cyrillic

workmaster’s mark: Cyrillic initials M.P. for Mikhail Perkhin

assay mark of St Petersburg

silver standard: 88 zolotniks

Fabergé scratched inventory number 52835

A silver-gilt circular desk clock decorated with lilac guilloché enamel applied with radiating bands of red gold, the border chased with green gold acanthus leaves; centred by an opaque white enamel dial with Arabic chapters and openwork gold hands, the bezel set with pearls;  with gilded silver scroll strut; marked with workmaster’s initials, Fabergé in Cyrillic, 88 zolotniks standard, and scratched inventory number 52835.

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