Fyodor Riznichenko1865 – 1922

Fyodor Riznichenko1865 – 1922

Fyodor Petrovich Riznichenko – Russian and Ukrainian landscape painter.

In 1883-1892, Riznichenko attended the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg. During 1887-1889 he was awarded two second class silver medals. In 1892, he graduated with the title of “Third-Class Artist”. In 1895, Riznichenko became a member of the St.Petersburg Society of Artists. In the following years, he regularly participated in the exhibitions of the Wanderers (Peredvizhniki) and the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. In 1911, the Academy hosted his first personal show.

Riznichenko worked primarily as a landscape artist, following the tradition of the Russian lyrical landscape established by Alexei Savrasov and Isaac Levitan.

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