Featured Artists

  • Philipp Peter Roos

    1655 – 1706

  • Workshop of Antoine Caron

    1521 – 1599

  • Old Masters

    Old Masters are regarded as the finest artists ever to emerge from Europe. Their work, predominantly in oil painting, has for centuries set the art-historical benchmark for skill, craftsmanship and sheer emotional force. Though an informal title rather than a specific movement or style, the term is used to mark the greatest artists of the […]
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    19th Century

    The painters included in this collection represent a wide variety of styles – from the gentle Biedermeyer of Vasilii Tropinin to the military documentation of Petr Balashev and Franz Roubaud, from the playful eroticism of Andrei Belloli and Mihály Zichy to the historicism of Ivan Kulikov, from the mild Impressionism of Stanislav Zhukovsky to the […]
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    Impressionism & Modern

    Impressionism and Post-Impressionism are at the heart of the Ruzhnikov collection, representing the crossroads between classical and modern approaches that is a common feature of the work gathered together by Andre Ruzhnikov. Encompassing a wide variety of idiosyncratic styles, Post-Impressionism is characterised not by a single, unified aesthetic but rather by the emphasis placed by […]
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    Silver & Objets de Vertu

    The tradition of gold- and silver-smithing in Russia reaches back well into the Middle Ages. Beginning in the mid-16th century, throughout the 17th century, until the reign of Peter the Great, the Kremlin workshops (Oruzhenynaya palata) produced superb jewelled and enamelled gold and silver-gilt artefacts, many of them commissioned by the tsars. Many of them […]
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    Russian Icons

    Russian Icons are the foundation upon which Andre Ruzhnikov built his reputation as one of Russia’s foremost art dealers. Meaning ‘image’ or likeness’ in Greek (eikon), icons are devotional tools depicting holy figures—typically Christ, his Mother, or saints—or sacred events. Following a Byzantine tradition, icons became part of the ritual of belief in Russia after […]
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    Works of porcelain are distinguished by their shared purpose. Equally functional and decorative, they enable artists to elevate quotidian items such as plates, vases and plaques into works of art. Though the practice originated in Shang Dynasty China (1600-1046 BC), porcelain spread rapidly throughout the following centuries, and was widely practiced in the Middle East, […]
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      Prior to the invention of photography, the miniature enabled people to carry important images with them at all times, wherever they happened to go. Based on techniques used in medieval illuminated manuscripts, miniatures were often rich in sentimental value, with many people preserving portraits of deceased family members or mementoes of loved ones, on their […]
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      Works on Paper

      The collection of graphic works and watercolors features drawings and watercolors by such prominent Russian artists, as Alexander Briullov, Pyotr Sokolov, Vladimir Hau, Pyotr Balashov, Ilya Repin, Filipp Malyavin, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky. It covers a period of more than 100 years and reflects all significant developments in the Russian graphic art: from the very inception of […]
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